Are You Capturing Leads? In this episode, we focus on how to the get your audience to respond to your CALL-TO-ACTION. How are you wooing them? Are you making that action desirable in the sight of the audience?

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Are You Capturing Leads?


Rachel:            Hello everyone and welcome back to the marketing whisperer. Today I am your host Rachel, and I am your co-host, Kathryn. And today I wanted to give you a marketing tool, I wanted to talk to you about this tool because this is actually a very important tool that a lot of small businesses may be or may not be using and it is called a CRM. Also, it is known as an autoresponder. This is a tool that is, is called a lead capture. And what it does is it’s a magnet that kind of pulls you in. They’ll ask you for an email. So if you go to a website, and they say, hey, to get the latest newsletter or updates or sales, please leave your name and email address and then you’ll notice that a lot of times you will begin to receive emails from this company often, usually once a week, some of them several times a week.  Some of them daily, literally daily.

Kathryn:           Yeah, I think I received quite a few daily from like the different makeup companies, the different book companies, Groupon, all that type of stuff.

Rachel:            So that’s what that is for, what I like about these systems is that number one, I know a lot of people that I’ve spoken to, they’ll go and collect cards, and then they’ll put it in their regular email system such as a Gmail account or a yahoo account. And that’s all well and good. The problem is you can’t do what’s called blast emails, and this is you. You’re able to take and make up an email and send it out once, but it’ll hit everyone on that list. And then what I love about the CRM is that you can tag people.

                        So, if you notice, when you get something like let’s say from DSW or like Color Pop, if you notice, you kind of get sent to the same things that you enjoy. So like let’s say if  DFW you like a certain shoe style, they’ll always send you. It’s also based on like your purchases. Sometimes you don’t even have to put in your email address because if you purchase something you also get on that mailing list. So what this does is, it begins to tag you. Every time you open an email, or you do not open an email; it begins to tag you as to how many opens, how many, how many click-throughs.

Customer Relationship System- Latest News Email

Kathryn:           Oh yeah. I learned about that in an advertising class on how many times they’ll send you like emails and like ads from said company based off of like what you click. So if you buy a lot of eyeshadows, they’ll always send you those eyeshadow sales or things that are coming out, and if they don’t see you click on like a lipstick, they barely will send you that because they know that that’s not going to get you to click to their site. You’re not going to go to their site because you don’t care for that product.

Rachel:            Right! So it learns your behavior. See the difference between an autoresponder and a CRM is that you can train your CRM who you’re trying to hone into. It’s like a funnel, and it keeps pushing you down this funnel, and it begins to put you on the path of that funnel. So you can create multiple funnels and then every time you click or don’t click the point is that you want to get a hundred percent open rate. But we all know that everyone does not open, no one opens all their emails. So what it does is, I think it’s a cool system because it, it brings it down every time they send you an email it puts you in a smaller funnel. It gets tighter and tighter and tighter. So then it begins to put you in a targeted area.

                        So, it’s like an avenue OK, so this guy obviously is not into female’s shoes, but he’s into, cowboy boots or he’s into construction boots, so they’re not going to send him anything, any coupons or anything regarding cowboy boots because he’s interested in construction boots. So they’ll send him a lot of promotional. I know that we get that a lot with, mail from the men’s warehouse. We receive a lot of specials on suits because my husband is into suits, so we get a lot of promotions. I mean, I would say at least weekly, and then they learned our phone number. So it also sends us text messages. So, which is, it’s great, especially when you want to be engaging with your customers. So it’s a, it’s an excellent tool for audience engagement.

                        And, this is, I’m not going to say that this is the end all, be all because I still do believe, especially if you’re a smaller business and you’re actually are selling a service, you need to be more customer hands on, so you need to be readily available for your customers to speak to them and talk to them and give them advice and things like that. But these other companies such as Color Pop, they don’t really need to necessarily talk to you, they just, they just sift you through this funnel and that’s how they send that to you, So, if they see that you buy a lot of lip glosses, they’ll send you just coupons on lip Gloss is always within advertisement. Every now and again on something that may, come out something new, but for the most part it’ll hone in on what exactly like.

                        So, it learns your behavior, which is a great tool. Another thing I love that,  the systems do is that you can send out newsletters we send out, I know we send out every month on the first of every month we send out newsletters to our clients and it’s very engaging for the client because the client now, , gets to know a little bit more about you. We give them a lot of information, content that is relatable towards their business. So that’s one thing that’s good. And as a matter of fact, if you guys would like to sign up,  I would love for you to go to this, the, this newsletter. This is actually a great newsletter for one of our clients that we do every single month. And it is If  you guys want, you guys can get a lot of information based on foresight strategies.

Kathryn:           When would you use CRM versus auto responder and vice-versa

Rachel:            I would use an auto responder if you didn’t have much of a list, especially if you’re starting out. Because CRM are very robust. You really have. It’s, they’re very, they’re not very easy to sift through and to the setup in the beginning. It’s very, very difficult once it’s set up, it’s fine. So if you do, are interested in doing a CRM, we do Ontraport and we also do, Infusion soft, however, those are a little bit more robust but in auto respond to at least at least they can send your information in a one shot blast email. I mean they still have ways that you can tag people, but it’s just a lot less complex. So the bigger companies have like what we use, which is Ontraport or Infusion soft, but most, you know, smaller businesses that they’re kind of like a one man show or you know, two people, whatever.

Email response for subscribing through Opt-in

                      They would probably use a much smaller, like a weber or a contact, Constant Contacts, things like that, you know, a little bit smaller. Now, again, if it’s that you guys are not interested in, in having such a robust system and you don’t need it, by all means, those smaller ones, you know, those not smaller. I wouldn’t say they’re smaller, but they are easier to use, at least start off with that because what the most important thing is your list, they, that it has always been said. If you do not have a list, you do not have a business. You know, so it’s important for you guys to begin to capture leads. I know that you have captured leads, correct, on your blog. Where it begins to send them out every single time they, you update your blog, it sends out emails letting all your followers know.

                        That’s, that’s awesome. See, so this is the great thing about having this particular tool. Another thing that it’s, that I think is great is that you can attach it. What’s pretty cool is having an actual sales funnel, like an email system that, it gives them, it’s like a sales letter within the email and you send them like, let’s say after a, Webinar or you have an event and they didn’t make a purchase on the, on that first, you know, on that first time. What’s good about this is that it could continue the relationship, you know, and drag out the relationship a little longer. You can, you know, you can send them an email saying, hey, you know, this product was so much money, but because, you didn’t purchase on the first one, you know, we’re gonna give you a one-time offer, you know, like, I don’t know, like 25 percent off if you buy it today.

                        You know, this, this will not last after today. Things like that. And then, you know, you kind of dwindle it down until, if they don’t feel like purchasing it, they,  just won’t. And then what’ll happen is you fall off that tag and then you’ll just get specials whenever, you know, regular specials like newsletters and updates. And so then another thing that you can, you can use an ad a like I stated before, is you can actually make it, make a lead capture page. And here is also a beautiful, like one page sales letter and it’ll have a form in front of it. And that form will ask you for your email address, you see the point of the CRM is to capture as much information as possible.

Kathryn:           Would this be like when I sign up for a pre-order for a book and it’ll just go to one page?  Not the full website, but just that page where I could sign up for the pre-order

Rachel:            Yes. That’s what, that’s what it is. Because at that point it just kind of wants you to focus on that one thing. So they don’t wanna they don’t it for like for a book, they want you to focus on purchasing that one book. And then if you notice sometimes when you click it’ll say, you know, if you wanted, I’m just going to give you an example. So you pre-ordered the book but for like $3 more, the author could sign it for you personally send you, you know, if you. And it’ll. But it’ll be a small fine print in the bottom it’ll say, would you like that? And then you say yes or no or skip whatever. And then you just skip and go right to the shopping cart.

                        And then you’re done, but at the end, again, the point is, you know, if the audience does not really know you per se, I say the best thing to do is get as least information or request as least information as possible

Kathryn:           so as not to scare them off.

Rachel:            Correct. You never want to scare off your customers. So at first, depending on what that product is or what you’re trying to sell them, if you’re just trying to pull them in and you feel that, that they’re not even going to give you their name. Don’t make the name a required field. Make sure their email is a required field, but not their name. Let them choose, should I give them my name or should I not give them my name? And then the next thing is that once that’s basically geared towards like a cold market, someone that you absolutely do not know, but then you have your warm market, now they know you, they like you.

                        Then you can start requesting, you know, first and last name as a required field. So as you begin to build the relationship and based on your open rates, you can require more information. You know, the other thing you, you want to do is the ultimate thing when having a CRM or an auto responder is really to be able to get all their information because then you can even do what’s called direct mail directly sending information into their mailbox.  You want to get to that point because again, the point is you want to be able to sell something to them. So, you want to send them more promotionals. They’re more intimate type of, not necessarily intimate to that extent intimacy, but I’m saying, you know, a little bit more intimate that, that you now have their phone number and then you know, someone in your team could kind of pick up the phone and say, Hey, by the way, you know, we have this special, we have this event going on.

                        You know, would you like to attend see? Once you begin to get, like I said, the relationship gets a little closer. They, know, like, and trust you, they’ll begin to give you more and more information. That’s really the ideal client, you know, but when you’re starting off you never want to require more unless you’re giving them something and that’s the thing you give them, let’s say even if it’s a list of, you know, four ideas like we have a brand board that we made for our clients on my website as a matter of fact. And it’s at Rachel And on my first page, what I do is I send them a brandboard and you want to explain to them what that brand board is like so that I’m giving you ideas of what you can give your clients. You can give them 21 tips to a better, you know, have a better business or a better you, you know. So just explain to them.

Kathryn:           The brand board is, is really simple. It’s so a brand board is obviously not on an actual board, but that’s just what you call it. So, it’s basically an image that shows the colors that you use, imagery that you may get inspiration from for their website, for their brands and their whole brand.  you know, that the colors tend to go with what you’re doing, you show your, the logo and some variations of the logo you show I’m the typeface that you use, that pretty much shows like the whole, so it basically, in the end it has all this inspiration and all your sources on how you came to the conclusion of that brand.

Rachel:            And you did, you did say that it actually, you know, like we give this to you, let’s say for example in a pdf.  But then this is just to begin the, for our purpose of doing this is so that we can generate leads. But for you guys is a way for you to now take this pdf and actually put it on a board and visualize your brand board, you know, and actually see it to fruition. That’s the purpose. So, we give it to you in a pdf format, we show you a sample. And then, and then we give you a blank one so that you can begin the process of developing your own and then putting it on an actual board, which is what we do with our clients. So, the same thing is again we’re talking here CRM and lead capture.

                        This is a way to capture our audiences email and name and this is what this marketing tool is really used for. It’s to create some kind of connection with them. So, I don’t ask them, Hey, can I have your email? No, I give them something. The point is for me to give them something. How many times you’ve gotten things in the mail and you’ve given authors your email address or, or you’ve participated in things, but you’ve had to give them a little bit of information in order for you to get that product. Or, or even if it was a little sticker.  But the thing is that they give you, you give them something and they, they in an exchange will give you their email address and that’s the whole point of. Then you go to the next level, then you can begin to probably offer them, a training for free, and then you say, OK, well, can I have your name, your full name, your email address, and your phone number because now you’re giving them, let’s say a one-hour free training.

                        And then once they like your one-hour free training, then you can up the ante and say, For $7, I’ll give you this book and I’ll mail this book to you. And then you could either give it to them in a pdf or Kindle digital copy, or it depends on how much, you, how badly you want their address. You can send them a card copy and then they’ll in exchange for $7, they give you $7. You get their address and you send them the book. See? So, there’s always some form of exchange, but the thing is that you’re keeping your audience engaged. And that’s the purpose of this marketing tool. Again, keep in mind that this is important for us to be able to have, an ongoing business without a list. We don’t have a business. So, this is the point of having the CRM or the autoresponders. So, I hope this was very helpful to you today and we will catch you on the next show. Goodbye. See you. Bye-Bye.

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