“Why Use SWOT For  Design Marketing Needs”

“Why Use SWOT For Design Marketing Needs”

Many startup business owners have a passion to start a business and rarely do we do our due diligence before starting and often find ourselves doing all the wrong things and suffer a financial hit because of our lack of research in the industry. In today's episode, you will find out how a simple tool SWOT can help prevent many mistakes. Listen the podcast here:  Marketing Whisper Podcast. Rachel :            Hello and welcome back to the marketing whisperer podcast. This is your host, Rachel, Kathryn :          And I am your cohost Kathryn. Rachel :            So today we wanted to talk about the SWOT analysis and how you can couple that with marketing and design and SWOT stands for strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. So Kathryn, what have you done to use the SWOT analysis tool? Kathryn :          I use SWOT analysis to help me decide on collateral for different brands and for how we were going to market those brands. Rachel :            Okay, great. So when...
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