It has been stated in marketing that the key to gaining customers is very important to your business. In today’s topic, we share why it is important and a simple method to get followers to convert into customers.

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Rachel:             Hello and welcome back to the marketing whisper podcast. I am your host Rachel

Kathryn :          And this is your cohost Kathryn.

Rachel:             And today we’re excited because we’ve been off the air for a few weeks, so we’ve had several gigs going on and we’ve been on site and stuff like that. So we really have not had the time to really record, but we did not want to go another week without giving you guys some good information but this week we want to do we want to discuss a little bit about what we did while we were out on a great gig that we had for Samsung. Was it not fun?

Kathryn :          Yeah, it was really cool. I love to draw and I liked being there on site.

Rachel:             It was a whole lot of fun. We were onsite in Duluth, Georgia, so that was a little bit fun seeing customers come in and out and us doing some illustration work. So it was a very exciting opportunity and we’re excited that we’re getting gigs like Samsung we wouldn’t have thought but we’re thankful and appreciative for everything that we get and the fact that they considered our work.

Kathryn :          So today we’re going to talk about the importance of blogging. I happened to run a blog, my host over here. She doesn’t. So this is going to be a good topic for her to understand as well.

Rachel:             I do run a blog. What are you talking about? I just may not right every single blog because I do my blogs different than she does actually.

Kathryn :          I run into actual blog.

Rachel:             I run a blog, what I do is a little different than she does, but nonetheless, it’s still very important to blog and this is one thing, it’s a simple tool marketing tool, but it is a very effective tool

It’s still very important to blog and it’s a simple tool marketing tool, but it is a very effective tool

Kathryn :          And it can be very therapeutic for you. It’s therapeutic for anybody to just get thoughts out there and to just let it flow out of you. Many people don’t realize how important it is to blogs, especially for your business. If you’re not blogging, it’s about high time you start.

Rachel:             Well and many people blog for many different reasons. It’s almost like a journal that you just kind of keep a log of all your journal entries, sorry, all your journals of your thoughts and your ideas and things that can be influential to people. And in your case, I mean, businesses are using it, but in your case you’re using it as a therapeutic thing because you enjoy reading and you also love sharing your information to other people who enjoy to read as well.

Kathryn :          Well first, as you know, there’s many different types of blogs. Literally anybody can blog. I’ve seen chefs blog about food that they’ve cooked. I’ve seen travel blogs, I’ve seen fashion blogs, I’ve seen. What’s one that I’ve recently, one I recently saw was really cool. I’m a movie review blogs in my effective copywriting class. We’re doing nonprofit organizations right now and the nonprofit that I have to work on, even they blog. So everyone’s blogging. If you’re not blogging, you’re missing out because it’s, you know, it’s really helpful in engaging with your customers.

Kathryn:           So really, why should you blog? I have four very simple reasons why just four, we’re not going to give like a thousand reasons because, so many reasons sometimes can get lost in transit. So here’s just four simple ones. One, blogging is easy, it’s simple to use. It’s an easy platform that quickly connects you to your customers, your viewers, your readers, whatever you want to call them. You connect to them fast, you can share relevant information that creates a conversation with them. It inspires your customers, your peers, your potential prospects, your industry peers to communicate with you, comment, give you feedback on what you’re talking about, and the thing is you want to reply to those because you’re creating that connection.

Rachel:             Great, that’s awesome, and the thing is that when you inspire and create and you have some form of communication, you’re beginning to build true relationships with these people and they can either one purchase or two recommend exactly the point is to have some form of engagement with them because engagement in your with your customers is key.

Kathryn :          Exactly. Number two, it makes your company more personable. When you’re blogging, you can talk about market trends or shifts in your market industry topics, your products and services, and even things beyond your industry. Let’s say you’re having a rough day and you just want to get that out there. That makes you more personal. People see a person behind that company, not just some CEO man or woman, or some evil person behind there, like they see a person with real everyday problems, you know, talk about what’s frustrating in your business. Talk about what’s going on in your business or talk about potential projects that you might have that makes you more personal, that makes you seem more real, that makes people more excited to want to know you and know about your business.

Rachel:             It is so true. Let me explain to this. One thing I have found is that when you engage with your customers like that, now you’re becoming more relatable to that person and like you said, they seem to be a lot more of a person than in a bank. You’re more like a number but even banks have used this blogging system because they’ve been able to put out a lot of information and things that are more relatable to the everyday customer, you know, so the more information you give to that person and the more relatable info you give to them, the higher the chances of that person coming back to you for sure or, or coming to you just from the get. So number three,

Kathryn :          Number three would be that writing blogs will keep you focused, especially on your content marketing strategy. And the way to keep yourself focused is to plan. I always plan my blog six months ahead. Like right now, I have all my blogs written up until December. They’re already written and in my queue waiting to get posted out. The only ones not written are obviously reviews because I still got to read the books, but the other stuff that I post, it’s already set up. And what that does is it keeps me ahead of schedule. It keeps my content consistent and it keeps my purpose. And that’s what you want. You want consistency and purpose, because when people see that you’re consistent, right, they’ll continuously be checking and engaging with you and it keeps your focus on your purpose, on what you’re doing.

Rachel:             Marketing whispers. Actually my personal way to give back to the community and to also maintain a blog. Now that can be in different formats, which I will discuss a little further after you talk about the fourth one, but what I like about the preplanning of blogging is that it keeps you, like you said, focus you make sure that it’s on point with your mission, what you’re really at the end of the day trying to accomplish, and that information consistently coming out. Because what love is, they love consistency. On good day, bad day no day. They love consistency. They love to know that you have lots of information for them.

Kathryn :          And if you can’t be consistent, let them know. Like when I want to go, when I feel like blogging has been more of a chore at that moment than therapeutic, I always let them know, hey, I’m going to be on a little hiatus. I’m taking a month or a week off. I need time to just relax and draw back. Yeah. Like for two months I took a break. So since all my posts were written, I just took a break from writing reviews. Okay. Because I just felt like I had so much homework. I had so many projects that I had to do for clients and so I had to just take a step back and be like, I’m not getting as much reading done so I’m not going to have any reviews out. So I just tell people, hey guys, I’m taking a hiatus for about two months and if I do read a book I’ll post a review and I did that and now I’m back full force. Like every day have a blog post out.

Rachel:             Yeah. And and just to add to that, remember this is sometimes more so for the, for the solo preneur. Because really, if you had a team, let’s say, such as chase bank or something or these bigger corporation, obviously you’re going to post more often because you have a team, a marketing team that’s focused on that. But for the Solo Preneur, as Kathryn stated it’s important that you let them know, hey look, I have to stop in, in our case, we actually got so overwhelmed because we had an influx of clients and, and gigs that we had to get done that it’s not that we didn’t want to give you guys information, but it was, it. It just got overwhelming. And so that’s why we’re here, back online and we’re letting you guys know why we stopped for a minute. And the great part is that people love to relate to you. So letting them know, giving them some feedback, hey, you know, this is awesome for your potential clients.

Kathryn :          So, and the fourth reason why you should blog is like videos. It’s cost effective marketing. This will help your business build brand awareness and promote what you do and sell. And in the long term, this will help you push your business that extra mile for little to no cost.

Rachel:             Exactly. That is the most amazing part about blogging. It just really takes planning. But really it’s no cost. I mean you already have a website. If you’re in business, you already have a website, you have to just preplan as Kathryn stated in number three, go back and plan out your time so that you can be effective. And you know where you’re going. So just to kind of sort of let you guys know blogging can be in the form of videos, it could be written the way Kathryn is using it is more of a therapeutic, you know, journaling so that she can give reviews about books and talk about things that she enjoys and that her viewers and readers can enjoy. So hers is more of a personable yet fun, but she’s actually received clients so she’s had a focus as to what she puts out there. She may not be extremely pushy as far as business is concerned, but she’s been able to relate to people.

Kathryn :          Even though it’s all about books, I throw in my artwork, I though and my graphic design and so I’ve gotten a couple of clients who’ve liked the way my blog looks and are like, can you do that for me?

Rachel:             Which is awesome and I think it’s great, but you’ve made it more of a personalized blog. And for me, I’ve been able to use it like what I do is I take what my, you know, this platform and then I take it and I, we actually transcribe it and that’s our blog. That’s how we then write out our blogs. So then we of course make it Google friendly and all that fun stuff. But this is our way to get it out there. We also have or there’s also the vlog. So that’s another way, so if you can write it or you can’t, you know, do a podcast. Another way to be able to get your blog out is via video. See my son, he’s a chef and what he does is he does recordings and he does all these recordings of what he cooks, foods that people want to see him make. We told him he should set up a blog too and we’re actually well and he’s actually doing it but he does it via Youtube, but we’re kind of getting him to work. Kind of trying to push him more towards the. Put it on your website, which actually I did start. I did start that. So you know, you guys will probably be hearing about that too.

Rachel:             But anyway, as you see, we’re always thinking and creating and, and we just have multiple way you. There are multiple ways to get your message out there. So I think it’s amazing for many people to take advantage of. Again it’s a free platform. It doesn’t cost you just cost you planning whether you want to do video or you know, written content or podcast. The point is that all of this, it really doesn’t cost you. It’s, it’s very cost effective. So Kathryn bring it home.

Kathryn:           Well, when I will leave you all with is that blogging is very inspiring. I follow many bloggers who inspire me to do different things. And in turn I’ve had many bloggers tell me that I’ve inspired them. So when you blog, you’re going to be inspiring your audience, which helps you. So I hope these tips help you guys in all your future blogging endeavors.

Rachel:             So we want to thank you for being here on the marketing whisper goodbye. Bye guys

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