How To Appeal Your Brand To Your Audience is important when trying to attract customers. On this show, we share ideas that will begin the thought process of why you want to brand either you or your product and we also give a FREE guide to assist in your branding process.

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How To Appeal Your Brand To Your Audience


Rachel              Hello and welcome back to the marketing whisper podcast. This is your host, Rachel Calderon.

Kathryn               I am your cohost Kathryn Calderon,

Rachel                 We are excited today to have you guys on the show and today we’re going to be talking about solidifying the importance of branding. I think this is a great topic because many people out there now are looking to brand themselves, whether that be themselves as the expert or the company. That is one thing that you guys have to really take into consideration. Is Your brand going to be you as the expert or is it going to be your product or service or company? See people, a person like, or like CEO’s of like Coca Cola and Nike there, they were never interested in personal branding. They were more interested in branding a product and that even a Nabisco for Oreos, those are, those are branded to products to products.

Rachel              Exactly. But now to now in today’s world, since the market is so saturated, I know that especially small businesses, because we are talking really mainly to small businesses when they’re starting out, I think they get confused should I promote my business, or should I promote myself? And I say if you’re the expert and if expertise is coming from you, why not brand you because people do buy, you know, so, or they buy into you as the expert, you know,

Kathryn            you just really have decide what it is. Like what are you selling, who is your target market? So, if you’re selling a service or like, like a blog, you know, a blogger that the brand is personal. It’s a personal brand that’s all about you people for like my blog. It’s not that people aren’t interested in what I’m writing, but they’re interested in what I’m writing because of how I am because the way I do it.

Kathryn            Okay. You know what I mean? So that they’re interested in what I’m doing based off of the fact of what they’re like. Well, I liked this girl. This girl is really awesome. The way she writes is fun. The way she does her blogging at school, her blog is really nice. She always shows her artwork. She’s creative, so they see that, and you know what? The way I talk that that kind of attracts them. That attracts them. So, what I’m doing now, if I was, if I didn’t want my face as the company, then I would be selling a product. So, people who brand products, they’re not necessarily the face.

So, you know, if the best example is like, you know, we don’t really know if the person who created “Hot Topic” like that could be like some rich person who’s like completely not into the whole emo scene. They could walk around in pink all day; do you know what I mean? But you wouldn’t know because they are not the brand of Hot Topic. Hot Topic is like Emo, rock and roll gothic and put the CEO or the head of the company, whoever started that company could have been like a nerd who likes math, but you wouldn’t know because you, they weren’t branding them. They were branding the experience of what that company, what the product is. Correct. Right. Okay.

Rachel              So, so I could say the same thing with a Starbucks or even a Dunkin Donuts because I love Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts. So, I mean I really go for that, for that experience that like Starbucks pulls me in mainly because they have WI-FI, they have coffee, the ambiance, you. So, I’m there more for that customer experienced. And then for another, another brand that I, that I love is the, is the Dunkin Donuts because for me if I’m on the go, it’s like a quick great cup of coffee because I will say that to me Starbucks is not as, for me personally, it’s not as appealing as far as taste as Dunkin Donuts, but it depends on the experience that I need.

Rachel              If I need a to go cup, I always, I never stop at a Starbucks, but I’ll always stop at a Dunkin Donuts now if I need the experience of having a meeting with a client, I’m having a meeting, you know, even with my colleagues and stuff, I will go to a Starbucks because they have WI-FI. The ambiance is great. They got tables and everything in and I grab a cup of coffee at the same time. So. So it all depends on

Kathryn               What story you want to tell, what story you want to tell. Exactly. Thank you.

Rachel                 Then the second thing is how do you want this to be perceived as the other thing? Yeah. Because that’s another important thing. How do you want the world to see? Either you or your product. Exactly. So, it’s, it’s very important to make sure you get the message across.

                             Very clear and very concise way to do it. [inaudible].

I remember something that I learned from college that I brought into the working world was a really a lot of research, you know what I mean? Really researching your target audience. And it goes, it goes deep. Not just saying like, okay, well I want to sell my product to females age 20 to 25. Do you know what I mean? Like, that’s still very, you don’t realize it, but that’s still very broad. Like we did it where I did it. Um, and I do it now even you delve even deeper. You see like, okay, so is it, who’s, who’s the money buyer in the household or selling? Is this for single people or is this families? Is this for, if this is for children, um, you want thing the product or the service to go towards children, but you also need the product to be able to be bought by parents because they’re the money ones.

Rachel              So there’s the ones who’s going to buy it, right? Exactly. You need to know, um, how much money is this for people of low income, middle income, or high income, right? Because if you’re not going to you’re not gonna sell luxury and then try and sell that to middle income or low-income communities people. Right? Because that’s not, that’s not in their paycheck, that’s not in there. You have to know your target audience, like inside it out or everything about them. Right? So, income jobs, graphics, like where is this? Like, okay, if you’re selling winter clothes, are you going to sell it? Where, where are you going to solve this? Is this gonna mainly be in the south or is this mainly gonna? Be in the north. So, like you had to go. You have to delve deep into really knowing who you’re selling to because when you know who you’re selling to, you’ll know how to sell it.

Kathryn          And then that’s how you can also get your message across. Once you do the research, your message is the second most important thing.  is because you don’t want it to be misconstrued exactly in any way, shape or form,

Kathryn               The last thing would be is that you got to know now when you’re actually doing the brand. Now that’s the last step. You know what I mean? Now you know, you know that if this is, you decided, okay, this is going to be personal, right? And then you’ve decided who exactly you’re targeting. So, I’m going to use my book blog. So, I decided, okay, this is going to be for my blog is mainly going to be targeted toward book bloggers. Of course, you get other people that yes, any product or service, you get other people who is not necessarily just your target and what’s actually good suiting and it’s actually good to also kind of steer off the beaten path, like who are other people that could possibly be interested in this product.

Kathryn        So now you know exactly who you’re targeting. And now for the last step, it’s the brand. So now it’s saying, okay, so what colors, but what do I want? Do I want this to be just a simple type-face brand or logo? Do I want this to be a character logo? Do I want this to be a graphic? Do you decide now, and you work with your graphic designer in deciding these, these final steps to creating this perfect brand. and the branding goes beyond also just a logo, you know what I mean? So, it’s like your colors have to match what you’re trying to say. Exactly. Calming, and you know, if you want to give like a calm state, you’ll have blues because blues give that calm feeling. if you want Greens, sunshine, happiness, yellow. If you’re going for more of a… like, I follow this one blog, she’s called, it’s a really funny name.

                        It’s the Spooky Redhead. And, her blog is all about like, anime you know, video games and stuff like that. So, her logo is on, it looks like a video game character. Okay. And you know, it’s, it’s blacks and reds, but it’s really cool that fits her brand. Mine is, it’s very, it’s, it’s almost like a line art. Okay. And it’s a drawing and I drew it, but it’s like all lined out, there’s not really filled in and it’s the outline of a book and you just see the top of a girl’s head because his name is “Nose Stuck in a Book”. So, And I went with blues and Browns, right? Um, because, you know, Brown for like the books, the pages of a book, to give like that authentic kind of old school look and then blue because blue is my favorite color.

Kathryn            Yeah, and then my actual blog is, you know, very minimal looking, very clean because that’s, that’s the look I wanted to have this really just pretty aesthetically pleasing blog.

Rachel                 Right. And for me, you actually did the, um, the, uh, more of a type face for me and, and, and, and color. I have more of the neutral tones because I love nature and I love, you know, in a more countryside. Yeah, very country. Loved the country.  

Kathryn                 So yeah, with those, that final step, that’s, that’s where you decide stuff like that. You decide, okay, I did a project for a men’s underwear line. Right? And, but I to do, I wanted to do an underline for the nine to fivers right. Not the model, not the, not for the men who liked the nice tight briefs or flannel, the rugged, the more comfortable stylish but comfortable.


Kathryn               So for my brand,  it was grizzly. Okay. And it had a bear. It had the packaging looked like a tin can. Right. I remember, um, it was octagon, it was like a packaging that almost looked like, you know, like a work box that you could hold it, a toolbox. It was in the shape of like a tin can and it was octagon and it was dark blues, Dark Greens, dark red nature outdoors. Rough, tough. And almost like an advertisement. Yeah. Everything. And that all matched that whole rugged nine to fiver. You’re more concerned about comfort and style but still kinda cool looking with the flannel. So that’s where you decide like, okay, what is it that this is targeted towards? What is this business or this company or this brand or this product or this product, who is this being pushed towards? Right. And then with all that, that’s how you decide that. And then like I said, it goes beyond just the logo. You’re, everything needs to match that, you know, my advertisements match that, like it all needs to match that, brand that you are selling across the board.

Rachel                 Exactly. And, and, and that’s the thing is that this is what is, this is why it’s extremely important to really take time to solidify your brands because you, really need really, at the end of the day, what you need to do is you need to research, it’s going to take research for you to do this. But once you do the research, once you do all the hard work and you, you figure out who you want this product to geared towards, and then how it’s going to be sold, you can then go through the, through the steps of well you know, the, the packaging, the coloring and all those things because you want it to also be appealing to, to the, to the buyer, to the, to the people that you’re selling it to you to be attracted to it, right where they want to buy it.

Rachel              Right. And, and it’s like, it’s like that one. I’m a makeup line that we had discussed in one of our previous shows. You said that you were more attracted to the package packaging. Yeah. And that’s what pulled you in to the line itself. Yes. Prior to that, you knew nothing about that brands or nothing about the company at all. And when you saw the packaging, the packaging was very, very Egyptian, very nice.

Kathryn                Was Egyptian African male that’s in every single one of their products. So, they’ve kept that brand throughout. They’ve found that brand. Yeah. across, the board, they’ve, they haven’t steered from that, so they’re consistent in their brand and everything, right?

Rachel                 Consistency is certainly key because you don’t want to also change things up too much either. I mean you can change

Kathryn               and you, but you could also change up a little bit of the coloring because I do notice that sometimes you’ll get somewhat of the same. Um, what, when you, when you’ve received their product lines, they don’t steer off completely, but they do change a little bit of coloring. I like the coloring on the different, um,

Kathryn            like the packaging, but I’m more so talking about the brand itself, like the logo. You do the only thing that you really change are little things. Yeah. Yes, That’s what I mean even on the products, the product looks different because you don’t want it to look individual, well I don’t want to buy the same eyeshadow Palette every single time. Right? So, they have to make each look a little different, but you know, their logo and their message across each product is the exact same. And that’s what keeps people coming back for more. Okay.

Rachel                 Well, here is, you know, again, we, we, we brought up a little bit of the branding because we want you guys to really begin to start looking at, and, and this is what we do specialize in is his branding, um, whether that be you, your company or your product, you know, and um, but it takes research and we always say, as long as you do your research, you know, your demographics, you know, what the, what they want, you will surely have a successful brand.

                             So, we want to thank you for being here and listening to us today. And if you want, if you want more information, if you want to hear more shows so that the previous shows or shows to come and be sure to go onto Rachel Thank you and have a good day.


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