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Rachel: Hello everyone and welcome to the marketing whisperer podcast and I am your host Rachel.


Kathryn: I am your co-host Kathryn.


Rachel: And so today is our first episode and we are super excited to be bringing our podcasts here on the air. This is our first podcasts and I am hoping that you know we can bring you guys some marketing solutions to your business. So, we are extremely excited. How about you Kathryn?


Kathryn:  I am very excited.


Rachel: Well again we’re good at what we do. But this is our first podcast so excuse us we’re probably going to have a little bit of fun and we’re going to laugh probably a lot of times. But this is who we are. I am in my Forty’s and You’re going to have the perspective of a forty something year old and also a Twenty something year old, so I thought it would be a great way to put together the show and give you guys some marketing tips that have worked for us and other things that are to come. So, I am excited.


Kathryn:  Why don’t you introduce yourself, so they can get to know you a little better.


Rachel:  There you go. OK great. So, I am Rachel and I have been in the marketing field now for quite some time. I actually came from the finance department. And one thing that I was really good at was accounts receivable and I thought that that was actually the only way that I was going to do that. In other words, I thought that that was going to be my only job that I was going to have. And I never found myself in the marketing space ever. But one day first of all accounting or finance is quite boring after a while. You’d do the same the whole time you know I mean you’ve been there you’ve seen me in action and you like I don’t know how you do this. And you and you used to tell me this is a very quiet job and I was not like many of the other accountants and people that worked in the finance department I actually like to have fun have some music and that’s how I operate however. So, I guess that’s what kind of brought me into this space because first of all I’m very creative. I love to create things make things that are you know that that I envision. So, anyway I envision myself as you know that I’m a creator and I love to create things from nothing. And so, I found that I was able to incorporate my persuasion to be able to collect money into marketing and marketing is when you have good copy and a good message you’re able to sell anything. It’s really the bottom line. So, I was able in the financial world I had to be very good at my message so that I can collect money you know so that’s kind of like what brought me into this space and I love the fact that I can kind of you know make up a marketing strategy and then see my clients excel. So, that’s kind of like what brought me into this space and then of course I took some I took I was in school for it and everything. So, you know that’s where I’m at. So, how about you Kathryn. Let’s talk about you a little bit.


Kathryn:  OK. I always had a passion for art and design and stuff like that stuff always excited me and when I was graduating high school I didn’t know what I wanted to do though. So, for some odd reason I went for criminal justice because I had it in my mind that I was going to be like Spencer Reid in Criminal Minds and…


Rachel:  Ha-ha Not the case.


Kathryn:  No, it was actually really boring, and I think I almost fell asleep quite a lot in class.


Rachel:  Ha-ha.


Kathryn:  and so, then I also almost wanted to go for mortuary because you know dealing with people it was not my forte it’s not the job for me. So, I felt working with working with the dead was going to be a little bit easier.


Rachel:  Because they’re quieter.


Rachel:  Yeah, much quieter. But then I learned that it was a lot of science and in school that wasn’t my best subject and so I finally came around to going for an art major and the rest is history. I just fell in love with it as I always enjoyed it and I enjoy it now. That’s what I do. I love designing different types things I love creating different types of things I paint on all surfaces and design on all surfaces. And so.


Rachel:  And that is actually what we used for our clients we’ve actually you know created logos and brands and our customers and so on and so forth so it’s really, it’s really her expertise coming from as an artist has actually helped our business to really grow and expand. And we’ve had several clients that have really through our arts my creativity and my marketing strategy has really been able to boost personal branding for some of our customers and for all of our customers so we’re excited about that. And again, we’re excited about this show and you know we are a little bit nervous but you know what it is what it is what I always say I always say it’s better to start doing something even if you’re fearful about it and just get it done.


Kathryn:  Yeah.


Rachel:  You know. So, what topics do you want to share. That is going to be coming up in the next several coming months because we’re ready to go.


Kathryn:  Yeah, we actually have our podcast planned all the way till November so that’s exciting.


Rachel:  That is exciting.


Kathryn:  Oh well we’re going to be trying to come you know from many different angles. I think I’m excited about some of the topics you know like marketing for authors as a book blogger and as an avid reader you know talking about authors and in books like right up my alley. We’ve also got the importance of an amazing book cover talking about history with graphic design. We’re going to even talk about a little bit of self-care and mental health to always keep you on top and always be the best.


Rachel:  We’re also going to be talking about that book called Psychology of Persuasion since we are you know that that is a key component to marketing is how to persuade our customers of course not be that sales person like that cheap car salesperson that’s always like right there. Know as soon as you get up the car they are like right there and kind of like nudging you like you want to buy a car. So, this way you know we want to be able to share you know some techniques. So, we will be definitely bringing up. We’re going to be talk about the history of marketing and even the solidifying and the importance of branding. You know what tools that we can use that you guys can use I’m sorry that you guys can use for marketing. We have also the future of marketing we’re going to have special guests such as Dr. Nilda Perez come on and speak to talk about the future. You know how to become more marketable 10-20 years from now being different from your competition. So, you know those things are important to have under your belt as a business owner because you know what’s working today obviously you know what’s working today is your Facebook, your LinkedIn, Twitter. But you know should that go down because of technology. What is to come in the near future? You know so we have to be prepared. So, there’s always going to be that future perspective as well. Why it’s important to podcasts or do videos? When is it appropriate to do this? You know so we have several things lined up. We’re even going to be talking about the color theory and colors around the world that’s going to be an interesting topic.


Kathryn:  That’s going to be a fun one because not many people know about significance of color and what effect it could have on your business.


Rachel:  OK. Can you just give us a quick example? Like One thing


Kathryn:  like when I was doing research for a project I learned like the universal colors that tend to mean something I’ll go deeper when we get to that topic.


Rachel:  Yeah! Absolutely.


Kathryn:  on what they each mean but they tend to be blue purple and green are the colors that across all cultures and across all religions as well, like have positive feelings with it, cling to it.


Rachel:  OK. So, what you’re saying is some cultures have different colors.


Kathryn:  Yeah! You know for some cultures white can be you know purity happiness and some cultures. White is represented mourning in death.


Rachel:  Hmm Interesting.


Kathryn:  So, depending on where you’re going to go for your business if you want to be global you’ve got to really.


Rachel:  Consider the colors and when we’re talking colors we’re talking branding colors you know things that could possibly affect your business so we’re not talking like colors as far as you know what color you are going to put in your office. You know we’re talking more like branding colors and that kind of stuff. You know how we could possibly effective you had to you know maybe in a country such as Asia or Russia. You know it could be different or…


Kathryn:  Yeah! like if your company is all about care and purity and happiness you’re not exactly going to have black splattered everywhere because that doesn’t evoke that emotion for people.


Rachel:  And it may not evoke that emotion across the board.


Kathryn:  Yeah! Well black tends to actually be pretty negative across the board.


Rachel:  Oh OK.


Kathryn:  But sometimes black is necessary for you know for what you’re doing.


Kathryn:  So, that’s why it’s all about. It’s you just got to really research your colors and research what it is you’re doing with those colors. Like I said because you know the store hot topic that’s all you know rock heavy metal you know you work walk into the store it’s black everywhere. But that’s they’re giving that emotion of you know rock and heavy metal gothic. So, that makes sense. You know you’re not going to walk in there and you see daisies and roses flying everywhere because that doesn’t make sense for their brand


Rachel:  Right.


Kathryn:  So, it all depends on your brand if that’s you know, and this doesn’t necessarily. Like I said it doesn’t necessarily mean like you can’t use like black at all and you thing like if it’s like let’s say…


Rachel:  Black lettering.


Kathryn:  Yeah! Black lettering or like your logo has like an eye on in the eye you know you’re doing a black eye. Like


Rachel:  Ok. Got it.


Kathryn:  It’s just more so the…


Rachel:  The dominant color.


Kathryn:  Brand as a whole.


Rachel:  Right. Okay. Got it. So, let’s not get in depth on that because that’s going to be a pretty interesting topic. Another thing we’re going to be definitely talking about that’s big in marketing is fandom’s. You mentioned? We mentioned? So, we are talking about.


Kathryn:  Yeah! The phenomenon of fandom’s.


Rachel:  That’s really fun.


Kathryn:  Especially for I feel people my age and younger as I got into fandom’s when I was in high school. I was a One Hundred percent directioner or for one direction every day all day had the posters the magazines and I don’t think a lot of people you know singers and stuff like that. The importance of a fandom the importance of using a fandom for authors or anything. You know fans are actually a really powerful marketing tool. I saw it from firsthand experience. The awards that me and other you know one direction fans one for them. I know that sounds weird that it’s like you didn’t win it but we did a lot of awards shows our fan voted. Besides really big prestigious awards so a lot of the times when these singers actually all these awards they have their voted for by the fans.


Rachel:  See and I thought that this would be an interesting topic because you see what I love is the fact that I’m getting this from a millennial’s perspective and how can we use this for our business.


Kathryn:  Yeah! I mean there’s fans and everything really. Because I mean that’s how YouTube has become big.


Rachel:  Right.


Kathryn:  They have fans. People send these YouTube years stuff via P.O. box. Do you know what I mean? So, that’s still that’s fans. That’s the power of fandom’s. It may not be as big as like somebody like Beyoncé. But there are YouTube. They’re not trying to be Beyoncé but they still have fans that’s how. I mean there’s YouTube hours that have been to the Grammys and you’re thinking well how the heck does YouTube get to the Grammys. What are they doing. But there are social media stars basically. And so, they get to mingle with the elite because of fans.


Rachel:  And what I thought was you know this is my take. As a business owner why not, us also take those ideas and incorporate some of those ideas within our business. Who would have thought that putting something together like this from a fan’s perspective now? I would say like we can probably use fans to market us and that’s what we really want to talk about is how we can use our network and make our network help us and work for us. You know and so that’s why I thought that would be great. We’re also going to be talking about live streaming how powerful that is.


Kathryn:  Yeah that’s incredibly powerful. That’s become like millions of people all across the globe are able to watch Beyoncé’s Coachella performance.


Rachel:  Which I have no idea what that was about. It’s so funny because I don’t watch TV So…


Kathryn:  It’s a festival you can’t watch it on TV at all.


Rachel:  But I did hear about that.


Rachel:  In California but they streamed it. So, people in Guadalupe and Tuko Touquet could watch that…


Rachel:  Hahaha


Kathryn:  If you have the internet. So, everyone got to see that performance they didn’t livestream her second one but they live streamed her first one. So, everyone got to see it.


Rachel:  Wow that’s interesting and this is all.


Kathryn:  I mean You can watch the full performance from the whole day. Everyone’s performance. But you know I mean it’s Beyoncé so hers was obviously the most hyped up one.


Rachel:  Right. OK. All right. So, you see this is this is what we want to be able to bring to the table to you guys. And I thought that this would be a great way to really help you guys to grow your business. You know never say never to certain things that we’ll be bringing up because all these tools will help you. I know that we have done this with many of our clients. And you if you really think about it the results have been pretty rewarding for our clients. So, I think that putting all this together all these shows that we have lined up are going to be a good thing. I mean you’re.


Kathryn:  I think they will like them.


Rachel:  I think you guys will. I really believe that you guys will.


Kathryn: It’s going to be some topics are going to be like super exciting and some will be more informal. You know what I mean. And then some are going to be really funny and super informal. Especially when you know I get to explain like my days as a teenager in love sick over a teenage boy band that’s it.


Rachel:  Hahaha.


Kathryn:  Those were good times. Those are the easier times.


Rachel:  Those were good times watching. hahaha. From a parent’s perspective


Kathryn: Yeah those were the good times.


Rachel: So, this is going to be a fun show. We’re really excited about it.


Kathryn: Just one moment.  The reason why that topic to me is also really fun is because I think that will even be nostalgic for adults. You know sometimes I feel like when you get older and as an adult you sometimes forget that you may not have been. See the way it is now. We’ve got social media we’ve got Twitter so like kids nowadays they can show their love for these different artists; actors, actresses, youtubers via the Internet and make you know pages dedicated to them and stuff like that. But really if you think about it everyone was a fan girl or fan boy at one point. I mean people who loved the Backstreet Boys people who loved Nsync people who love TLC who loved Tupac all of them you know they had fans. The only reason they sold millions. I mean Michael Jackson he was able to pop up on stage in the Super Bowl and people were screaming their heads off. And he stood there for like 10 minutes doing nothing and people were like OMG! Like freaking out and it’s like are you serious? I mean he’s a legend and whatever he could do anything he wants. So, it’s like you know that’s what’s going to be a fun topic about that one too because it’s really going to bring people back to a time and then you know tying it into realizing like wow these people are you know fans are a powerful thing and more and more people should be trying to use fans not in a bad way but using them in a way that you know.


Rachel: Where it could be beneficial to their business Absolutely.


Kathryn: And you know and that brings you having that connection because you see some celebrities you don’t have a connection with their fans and how after a while fans are like OK whatever. Like if you’re not going to show us kindness or you’re not going to connect with us people. You know after a while they’ll still the fan base but most people will fade away because they’ll be like you know they’re not showing love. So, you show love to the fans. They show love to you.


Rachel: So, basically, this is kind of like the power of social engagement is really what we’re talking about too you know. And we actually have seen it you know when we have put things out there. We have seen the power and you know again we’ll go more in-depth than that. But. But yeah, we’re really excited and we want to thank everyone for joining us and we hope that you know please leave comments and questions. Yeah leave us question because we’re going to be responding to a lot of questions too you know and if we can formulate the show around a question responding to a fan or something like that we’re definitely going to be engaging with you guys so we’re really excited and we just want to thank you.


Kathryn: Yeah, we’re excited. So, excuse us if we sound a little monotone today. Well let’s just kind of how I always sound. Everyone always thinks I sound a little blaaa but I can you know it’s my voice. But we are excited. This is my excited voice


Rachel: That’s her excited voice. Yes. So, we want to thank you again and we will catch you on our next show. Thank you for listening. And we are the marketing whispers. Bye bye.