I wanted to talk to you about Disruptive Marketing. The kind of Disruptive Marketing that I am talking about is the kind that you use, your audience and your network, using the power of your audience and your network. I’m gonna give you several examples of how disruptive in the midst of all this noise going on in our social media platforms, how they were able to use Disruptive Marketing by using their audience. Example number one was, I’m sure you all remember the ALS Challenge, the person who did the ALS Challenge, he was trying to bring awareness and what he did was he challenged five people to spread the word by throwing a bucket of ice over his head, and then you challenge other people. This method of marketing created a viral buzz that actually went global.

This method of marketing created a viral buzz that actually went global.

Another, example that I have for you, which I thought was genius, I have a client that is involved in book reviews. What she does is, she loves to read, and she has a blog, and she does these book reviews. So because she writes reviews about books, what has happened is that authors have been connecting with her. What one author did was she also did a challenge for an upcoming book that she has. And what she did, I thought was absolutely genius. This author put out a post out there, and she requested that other people help her promote her book via certain chapters. My client was picked as one of those people, she had to submit something, and my client was picked as one of the people to help promote.

What she has done is shes become very creative. She’s artistically creative, and she loves to, do makeup. So, what she has done is the very chapter that she is trying to promote other portion of the chapter that she was trying to promote had to do with assassins and what she did, which I thought was genius, was she created makeup around that chapter or that portion of the book. Here is a win win because not only is my client gaining visibility, but also the client is able to use her audience. Okay. To be able to promote a book that is upcoming. She’s creating a buzz out there. She’s creating something so that when that book officially comes out, more than enough of her network and her audience will see and want to buy this book.

It is important to be engaging with your audience.

The kind of marketing that I talk about, a buzz that would have our audience promoting for us. Now, this you have to understand is FREE marketing. She is not paying for ads, and she’s not paying someone to help review her books. These are people who are out there who are willing to help promote. This is why I say it is important to be engaging with your audience and your network online because there is a way for you to bring a Disruptive Marketing plan to be able to promote a product or a service that you truly believe in. I just wanted to give you this tip and remember to be very creative and always think outside of the box when it comes to wanting to bring awareness. Whether it be a cause, your business, your product or your service.

Thank you again, and I hope to see you on the other side. Remember to visit Rachel Calderon.com

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